ExtraTorrents Proxy List to Deblock ExtraTorrent.cc Website (Working)

The ExtraTorrents Proxy list 2023 has been updated. Unblock Extratorrent

extratorrent ET began its journey in 2006 before it shut down all of its mirror sites in the year 2017 completely and voluntarily. When they shut down ExtraTorrents, they also shut down the ExtraTorrents server they erased all databases linked to the website according to admin of the site.

However, shortly afterward, websites that claimed they were ExtraTorrent proxy/mirror websites appeared on the internet and quickly gained a lot of attention.

There isn’t an official ExtraTorrent proxy at this moment, but all proxy websites that claim they are using EZtv, EZtv and other torrent sites as backends using ExtraTorrents acting as an frontend.


Proxies List for ExtraTorrents 2022

Below is a list of ExtraTorrents proxy websites that we’ve hand-picked from the web. The ExtraTorrents proxy list below is constantly updated and is verified by us. All ExtraTorrents mirror and proxy websites are accessible directly from your web browser.

How do ExtraTorrents Proxies Do Their Work?

The development of torrent websites has been astounding. To make torrent downloads and sharing more convenient torrent proxy websites have evolved.The principal purpose of a proxy site is to serve as an interface to torrent file downloads, without making use of a VPN as the primary domains are usually restricted by the ISP.

Why Should You Use Extratorrents proxy mirror Sites?

In obtaining all this information about the extratorrents mirror/proxy websites, there’s a question what is the reason we use these websites? What’s the reason behind these sites?. The answer is simple In a few countries, the primary extratorrents website is not accessible to users, which means that to browse and access the internet, we need to make use of mirror sites. These sites are known as mirror sites for extratorrents. You now know the answer to this.

To Learn More About Extratorrents Blocking Extratorrents

Sometimes the site will run during browsing, but it is blocked only you. In this case, you need to find other ways to access extratorrent proxy websites and to unblock extratorrents.This is a private network known as the tor. It is a method where computers are connected together to share bandwidth and for exploring the web. It is easy to utilize your Tor browser to deblock websites that are not proxy servers. You must type the URL into the TOR browser’s search bar and by pressing enter. Once you have entered, you will be access to the site.


What is the process behind how Torrent function?

torrents are a type that allows peer-to-peer sharing of files. There are many torrent sites include the “torrent files” (.torrent extension for files) that is attached to them. It is a listing of information about the file you wish to share.

The site shares the file with others who are searching for the exact file. The site doesn’t distribute the file but only the details about the file.

Beware of websites that claim to be ExtraTorrent

Following the sudden shut down of ExtraTorrent several sites claimed that they were the latest ExtraTorrent. Many of them appeared identical however, others were slightly different in their interfaces.

ExtraTorrent’s last message to its users urged them to avoid fake websites and replicas. As there haven’t been any official updates to the site, it’s safe declare that all clones are fake. I would advise you to avoid any website that uses extraTorrent. ExtraTorrent domain name and stick to the safer alternatives I’ve tried.


LimeTorrents is a different popular platform that has a large number of users and a vast collection of films, games, television shows software, etc. It’s among the few websites that can verify the authenticity of each new uploader. Therefore, you can be assured that all torrents will be safe for download.

I also like the fact that it has a section that is devoted to new and popular torrents. It makes it simple to search for the most popular content. In addition, it offers the top 100 lists of new television shows, movies music, games and more. (although they are likely to be under copyright protection and could make it illegal for you for download). This is a great method to learn about new content, however, you must ensure that you’re not violating any laws.

LimeTorrents the massive database isn’t able to host torrents on its own. It indexes user-submitted files from other popular torrent sites.

Make use of a VPN to remain secure while torrenting

Any form of file sharing exposes you to risk and affect your online security. Generally, people do not consider this when they torrent as they’re more worried about slowing down upload and download speeds. However, it’s essential to ensure your privacy secure.

I strongly recommend using a VPN when you intend to use or visit the torrenting sites. With the nature of certain content available every click could be an opportunity for risk. Other users or third party users may be able to see your personal information Therefore, it is vital to keep your information private as much as you can.

Can a government authority ban ExtraTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites?

We consider impossible since these websites don’t have a connection to the downloader or server. If you don’t download the file, it’s simply due to the server. In this scenario it is possible that even VPN will not help you gain access or downloading the files. What can you do is simply go to a different mirror site.

Let’s say your Authority has been able to stop one server, and then closed it down, however there are a lot of servers that deliver content without a nanosecond interruption


Is it possible to gain access to ExtraTorrent with no VPN?

Of course, one can. There are numerous proxy and mirror websites to download the file you like. The easy way to work is available. If you click on a proxy website it will redirect you to the home page of the website. This is also referred to as cloning, which is similar to copying the content from the original website.

Each proxy site has a reliable process for regular update of the links. If you are unable to discover any links that are working, switch to another.

What do you need to consider prior to using Extratorrent proxy websites or any mirror website

Each of these websites is privately owned and run by private companies, and must earn money to sustain the operation of their websites. They employ a variety of methods to earn money, and the users are not aware of their motives majority of the time. They may be showing advertisements, selling premium services, or mining with your hardware or other tasks that are executed in the background.

All you need to do is install a good or premium antivirus as they are also infected inside the files downloaded from these proxy websites.

In other cases, users land on a different page once they click the download button that will be displayed on the download page. It is common for them to land at a sales page on the game website. The page is more interesting because it is in some adult-related specialization.


Another technique they employ to lure users into their services is to show them how to be able to win lotteries at dirt prices. The result is making money overnight with a few pennies purchase tickets or to play numbers games.


Is Torrenting Legal?

The most frequently asked concerns with the downloading of Torrent material concerns “Is Torrenting Legal?”. In general it is. However, if downloading and redistributing copyrighted material that’s a violation of the law.

In reality the copyright owner could even pursue legal action against you. This falls under the category of content that is pirated.

That means that if you’re making use of ExtraTorrents for downloading pirated material, then it’s illegal.


These are the most reliable ExtraTorrent proxy websites that allow unblock access to the torrent website and are worth a look.

Do give us your own recommendations on the most reliable mirror and proxy websites to have Extratorrents unblocking in the comments section below.Now we hope you’ve learned all you need to learn about Extratorrent proxy websites. Let us your thoughts in the comments section if you found it useful or not.

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