How to delete your Twitter account

You might want to delete your account for any number of reasons, for example, you don’t want to use the platform anymore, you want to start an account from fresh, or you’re closing down a business account.

Depending on your reasons for deleting your account, you might want to get things done as quickly as possible. Thankfully, Twitter enables you to delete your account in a few simple steps. While there is a 30-day deactivation period, your account will no longer be visible (for the most part) during this time.

In this post, we reveal exactly how to delete your Twitter account. We also explain some precautions you may want to take to ensure all of your information is permanently deleted, and offer alternatives to account deletion that may be more suitable for some users.

Twitter was rebranded to X on July 28th, 2023. The information in this guide remains accurate, and the rebrand does not impact your ability to delete or deactivate your account. If the process changes, we will update this article accordingly.

Before you delete your Twitter account

Before you go ahead and delete your account, make sure you’re doing so for the right reasons and have taken any necessary steps required. We’ll go into more detail on these below but here are a few quick questions to answer before you deactivate:

  • Are you looking to change your username? If so, you don’t need to delete your account and start a new one. Twitter allows you to change your username to one that isn’t already taken. This way, you won’t lose any of your followers and you can choose if you want to keep any or all of your Tweets.
  • Are you planning to set up a new Twitter account with the same username or email address associated with your current one? If so, you should do this before you deactivate your account.
  • Do you want to save some of the information in your Twitter account? In this case, you should request your archived data before you go ahead with the deactivation process.
  • Do you simply want to get rid of a lot of Tweets, but can’t face the hassle of deleting them one by one? Instead of deleting your account and starting over, you can use an app such as TweetDelete to bulk delete your Tweets.
  • How to delete your Twitter account permanently

    Thankfully, deleting your account just takes a few simple steps. To delete your account, you need to deactivate it. This tells Twitter you want to delete it. Deactivation will immediately remove your account (so people won’t see your profile or Tweets on the platform), but full deletion won’t happen until 30 days after deactivation.

    Here’s how to delete your Twitter account from a web browser:

    1. Log in to your Twitter account.
    2. From the main page, click the three-dot menu icon on the left sidebar and select Settings and privacy.
    3. Select Deactivate your account.
    4. Read through the information and click Deactivate.
    5. You’ll be asked to confirm your password, then you can click Deactivate one more time.



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