The Most Visited and Trusted 10 Websites Like KissAsian

KissAsian is among the top websites well known for providing thousands of drama series free o cost in their archives. The neat layout will help you in making your research more accessible. Korean dramas are frequently updated on this website, free from the irritating advertisements that pop up after every few minutes. The easy-to-use interface will guarantee that your downloads are effortless on this site. If you are a fan of Korean drama series and Asian movies, you must be familiar will Kiss Asian.

the streaming platform KissAsian gained immense popularity among fans of Asian dramas and movies. However, due to legal issues, KissAsian has been shut down, leaving its devoted user base in search of alternatives. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the demise of KissAsian and present viable alternatives for fans to continue enjoying their favorite content. Whether you’re a seasoned viewer or new to the world of Asian entertainment, read on to discover the best platforms to fulfill your streaming desires.

What are KissAsian?

What are KissAsian?

KissAsian popups are a consequence of adware activity. Adware is a kind of malware that suggests you the pay-per-view of pay-per-click ads, which creates a massive amount of earnings for adware representatives. These ads might include explicit material, or have a link to malevolent content/website, considering that adware maintainers have no reason to examine the goodness of the web content they are going to reveal – their solitary target is cash.

Overview of

Websites like utilize rogue advertising networks to forcefully open webpages upon access or redirect users to them when interacting with hosted content such as buttons, links, or adverts. These deceptive networks promote sales-based, untrustworthy, misleading, compromised, scam, and even malicious sites.

In addition, these websites often display intrusive advertisements and attempt to deceive visitors into enabling browser notifications, enabling the pages to run intrusive ad campaigns. The ads and notifications promote equally suspicious and dangerous webpages. Furthermore, some intrusive advertisements can discreetly download and install software upon being clicked.

Pop-up advertising itself is a good, low-priced and extremely efficient advertising instrument. It enables the vendor to attach the customers’ attention to their website, and the customers to get the dynamic updates on the goods they wish to purchase. When the customer will get a pop-up alert that the TV set he desires to buy is provided at the online shop he/she visited previously with a 15% discount, one will definitely use this chance and purchase it. Considering the extremely low price for the popups and their targeting, such an advertising method is a much-loved thing among the advertising teams of large internet sellers.

How have I got the KissAsian virus?

There are a lot of methods of getting infected by the adware that trigger the KissAsian popups tornado. A lion’s part of this virus incidents is after the free software or cracked programs, that are distributed on the peering networks. Free software may likewise be downloaded from the main web page, and the adware is offered as a legal bundled program.

There is no need to blame yourself. A huge amount of individuals regularly use the unreliable programs from untrusted sources: abandonware, various tools that are free, or even hacked programs. All of these kinds of programs are unsafe, due to the fact that it is extremely easy to build in a KissAsian malware under the cover of part of the license hacking script, or as a component of the self-made algoritm within the Windows optimization tool.

The Rise and Fall of KissAsian

KissAsian emerged as a go-to website for fans of Asian dramas and movies, offering a vast library of content from various countries such as Korea, China, Japan, and more. However, the platform faced legal issues related to copyright infringement, leading to its unfortunate closure. The creators and moderators of KissAsian were unable to sustain the legal battles, ultimately resulting in the shutdown of the website. It is crucial for viewers to understand the legal implications of accessing copyrighted material through unauthorized sources like KissAsian.

Legitimate Alternatives to KissAsian

While KissAsian may no longer be an option, several legitimate platforms offer a similar streaming experience for Asian content enthusiasts. Here are some recommended alternatives:


Viki is a popular streaming platform that focuses on Asian content, including dramas, movies, and variety shows. It offers a wide range of subtitles and allows users to interact with the community through comments and discussions.


Primarily known for its extensive anime library, Crunchyroll also provides a decent selection of Asian dramas and movies. With a paid subscription, users can access an ad-free experience and enjoy simulcast releases.



As one of the leading streaming giants, Netflix has expanded its Asian content catalog significantly in recent years. Users can find a diverse range of Asian dramas and movies, often with high production values and renowned actors.

Asian TV Networks

Some TV networks, such as KBS World and Arirang TV, have their streaming platforms or partnerships with established streaming services. These networks offer a wide variety of Asian content, including dramas, variety shows, and news programs.

Official YouTube Channels

Many production companies and broadcasters upload their dramas and shows on their official YouTube channels. This provides viewers with an opportunity to access high-quality content legally, with subtitles often available in multiple languages.

Asian Drama Streaming Sites

Several streaming sites are dedicated to Asian dramas, such as Rakuten Viki, OnDemandKorea, and iQIYI. These platforms allow users to access a vast library of dramas from different countries and enjoy them legally.


As the curtains fall on KissAsian, viewers must embrace legal alternatives to continue enjoying Asian dramas and movies guilt-free. The demise of KissAsian serves as a reminder to support the content creators and industry that bring us these incredible stories. With legitimate platforms like Viki, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Viu, viewers can explore a wide range of Asian content while ensuring their actions align with copyright laws.

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